City Built

City Built by Andrew Ringler; adapted from code by Luca Sassone Schizzo Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike, October 2nd, 2010

City Built is an algorithmically generated line-drawn city skyline created in the Processing language. City Built was shown as a projection on a building facade most evenings from 5—9pm November 15th 2019 through February 2020 in Union Square, Somerville Massachusetts. City Built is supported by a grant from the Somerville Arts Council, a local agency supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council.

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Slightly Structured Visual Noise

Visuals by Andrew Ringler mimic-ing the Cirque Noir Elephant on Ball logo reacting to sounds by Know Thyself by Aphrohead and Clarian from Founders of Filth Volume One Felix Da Housecat

“Slightly Structured Visual Noise” is a constantly evolving visual experience running throughout the evening at Cirque Noir X Houston X Scorpion (November 10th 2018) reacting to the DJ’s music live. “Slightly Structured Visual Noise” runs unattended as an autonomous agent-based model taking cues from the DJ’s sound in addition to following beautiful semi-harmonious gradient noise spaces like ridged multifractal, Perlin, Voronoi and spherical.

I created a set of sound-reactive Processing sketches that played throughout the evening generating unique and ever-changing visuals on multiple screens, walls and surfaces always reacting to the ever changing DJ’s beats.

Fruit Beets

visitors play with fruit on table

Fruit Beets is a collaboration between myself and Philip Gedarovich. Fruit Beets is an interactive sound and visual experience activated by the fruit and vegetables of festival visitors. Installed on a banquet table inside a white tent at the Somerville Agricultural Festival on October 2nd 2016. Continue reading