Ghost Mirror

Video by Alyssa Ringler

Artist Statement

Walk by, look at the tablet, see what happens. Stand still, see what happens. Ghost mirror simultaneously shows the present, the very—near—past, and the slightly more distant very—near—past. Enjoy.

Black Android tablet, power cord, software (Processing)

Shown at Higgins Art Gallery At Cape Cod Community College as an invited guest of Scott Anderson. November 12–December 9, 2019. Art Faculty & Guests Show.


Ghost Mirror is an interactive art piece written in the Processing programming language for an Android tablet mounted on the wall 4 feet off the ground. It uses the Android camera to capture people walking by. Movement is translated into thin vertical lines roughly translated into the dominant color of the original object. Moving objects are replayed over time as translucent “ghosted” images of the original creating “ghosts” moving throughout the image even when the viewer is no longer moving.

ghost mirror on wall