Ignite Beats

Ignite Beats Promo Video by Philip Gedarovich.

Ignite Beats is a collaboration between Andrew Ringler and Philip Gedarovich.

It is an interactive digital sound and visual experience activated by visitors using Ignite themed blocks at the Somerville Ignite Festival on August 19th 2017. Various Ignite themed objects are placed upon our table. An overhead camera records the position and color of these objects, mapping them to musical beats. Visitors of any age and ability approach the table and move the objects around composing new music in real-time. Musical changes are coordinated with synchronized Ignite-themed visuals projected onto the interior of the tent wall.

Ignite Beats is a second iteration on Fruit Beets (notice spelling change), which was previously shown at the Somerville Agricultural Festival in 2016. The piece garnered a loyal following engaging visitors to return again and again to compose additional musical masterpieces!

This project was funded by the Somerville Arts Council.

Ignite Beats Screengrab During Festival (2017-8-19).