Art Screen Workshop

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I am teaching students how to program interactive art in a new series of free workshops called Art Screen Workshop. They will be taught a Sunday every month April through July at Cambridge Community Television (CCTV) in Central Square, Cambridge. At the end of the workshop student works will be displayed on a public interactive screen at CCTV.


Learn how to program interactive art in this single session five-hour workshop! No prior programming, art or design experience is required. You will work in small teams to design, build and publish new digital artworks. We will teach the basics of programming and give you the specific skills required to design for the screen. Examples of works include narrative stories, proximity sensing words and designs, abstract digital mirrors, gestural games, motion sensing animations, beautiful designs responding to the presence of people, time of day, weather and more. By the end of the day, teams and individuals will have created one or more works of art to be installed publicly on a new interactive screen at CCTV.

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