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An app to create sparklines, spark line app sparkline, for

I had started creating simple image sparklines, like this: tinyvacy sparkline on the (originally) text-only entries page of this site. I was using a somewhat manual process involving cropping and ImageMagick to generate the sparklines. This was cumbersome-enough that I was very behind in generating sparklines for all of the entries.

So, I created a Processing app to generate them more quickly, and with more flexibility. I click a button to load any image, then drag a square over the image, to represent the crop area. A small preview of the output sparkline shows at the bottom of the window. Whenever I am happy with the sparkline I click save (each click of save uses a time-stamped filename, so I can do this multiple times). I usually generate several sparklines rapidly, them compare them using Apple Preview later. My process is now so much quicker that I have actually finished generating sparklines for all of my entries:

entries page screenshot

The Processing App is on github as part of my repository in the PhotoSlices_v2 subdirectory.