Steven (Adrien Brody) is nearly 30 years old and lives at home with his parents and sister Heidi (Illeana Douglas). He quits his office job to fulfill his lifelong dream of becoming a ventriloquist. While seeking unemployment benefits Steven meets an attractive career counselor Lorena (Vera Farmiga). Steven’s best friend Fangora (Milla Jovovich) gives Steven terrible advice on how to win Lorena over, and Steven listens to her possibly ruining his chances with Lorena forever. Steven’s sister Heidi is planning her first big wedding which becomes the backdrop for the entire film. Fangora, Steven’s dirty mouthed best friend, is wildly entertaining acting like a 13 year-old in a 30 year old’s body. Heidi is absolutely amazing onscreen, her dialog is punch-on. The brother-sister dynamic between Heidi and Steven is fun and believable, especially interesting in that they both are nearly 30 years old acting like bickering 8 year olds.  Dummy was quite entertaining, this comedy/romantic comedy is certainly worth the watch. 5/5 stars.