Film Geek

Scotty Pelk (Melik Malkasian) is an eccentric film geek who works at a local movie rental store. Scotty possess an encyclopedic knowledge of films, actors, directors and anything at all relating to film to the exclusion of all other life skills. Scotty has no social skills and despite constant attempts has no friends until he runs into Niko (Tyler Gannon). Niko, an easygoing attractive women represents Scotty’s chance to have a normal life. The movie kept me entertained throughout with very natural dialog and acting. I was disappointed by the last 2 seconds of the film which I felt were completely unnecessary. I don’t know if the ending was an attempt at a final dramatic twist, or just one last joke. Either way the last 2 seconds of this film were representative of a mixed vision seen throughout the film. ¬†Concerned and experienced editing could have made for a more consistent tone and focused artistic intent. ¬†3/5 stars.